Who are Global Fund For Women and Whey did PEBBLE + ROSE choose to support them?

Global Fund For Women is a non-profit foundation funding women's human rights initiatives worldwide. It was founded in 1987 in Palo Alto California by four bold women Anne Firth-Murray, Frances Kissling, Laura Lederer, and Nita Barrow. These women were frustrated by the lack of specific funding for, or focus on, women's human rights in the charitable domain. They believed that women's human rights were central to social, political and economic change around the world. So they did something about that. They founded Global Fund for Women to fund grassroots, women-led movements directly. Women funding women to effect change in women's lives, globally.  

Since 1987 Global Fund for Women has provided grants to over 5,000 women-led projects in 175 countries helping to win rights for millions of women and girls.

PEBBLE + ROSE chose to support Global Fund for Women because of the breadth of their work and their razor sharp focus on impact. They've supported women's rights organizations to end civil wars and get female presidents elected. They started the first girls' global education fund, and supported important movements to address trafficking and create workers' rights.

The Fund's Vision is that every woman and girl should be strong, safe, powerful and heard - no exceptions. We believe that women are the best agents of change in their communities and so does Global Fund for Women. They trust women and believe that, given resources and a voice, they can change the world. We want to contribute to this vision and critical work. 

How Much of My Purchase Do You Contribute to Global Fund For Women?

We never give less than 10% of the sale price of your order. Currently we make monthly donations to the Global Fund based on the previous month's sales. We hope to automate this in the future.

When Will I Get My Order?

To keep our costs down, we maintain minimal stock. For our T-shirts, we may often print to order which may take up to 7 days from when you place your order with us. We know you'll want to receive your order as soon as possible so we'll aim to ship as soon as possible and will keep you up to date on the progress of your order.

Where Are Your T-Shirts Made?

Our T-shirts are designed and printed in the USA. Our T-shirts are only sourced from W.R.A.P Certified Facilities and guaranteed 100% no sweat shop manufacturing.

Why Did Part of My Order Arrive Separately?

Currently we do not have a central fulfillment warehouse. We're still small! This means that some of the items which we source overseas will have different dispatch times. This typically relates to our fashion jewelry items. We hope this won't inconvenience you too much. As we grow we will look to streamline this fulfillment process. We appreciate your support of a small, growing business that is trying to make an impact in the fight for gender equality globally.