Hi! I'm Eimear Zone a woman who has, quite frankly, had enough of these statistics and is just crazy enough to think that we, as a Sisterhood, can do something about them. So, may I invite you to participate in an movement of Radical Self-Interest? Why not nudge the needle on our online spending power towards products made by women and brands founded and run by women? This is PEBBLE + ROSE, a brand that creates a virtuous circle of commerce where we support women at every point, and we give back with each purchase to support the work of carefully selected charities which focus exclusively on girls and women. 
Every time we spend money we cast a vote - a vote for the type of world we want. We can be part of the change we all want to see in the world for girls and women. We can make an impact. And, together, our impact is amplified, like the ripple effect of the pebble, and we can change these statistics. Together, we all rise. We are PEBBLE + ROSE.