Let Her Be! Why Criticizing Women's Dress Sense Is Sexist and Must End.


I have met very few women who don't own at least one pair of impractical shoes. I am an absolute shoe-lover and own many, far too many, pairs of wildly impractical shoes. I love them. I feel great when I wear them, despite, admittedly, some discomfort as the hours pass. So when the First Lady was subjected to heavy criticism in the media recently for wearing her, very stylish, black stilettos as she emerged from the White House to board a helicopter to visit Texas, I was irritated. 

Melania Trump boarding plane

Melania Trump is obviously a lady who loves to look her best at all times and enjoys fashion. She likes to dress a certain way. One doesn't think of sweat pants and rain boots when one pictures Melania. So why O why was it such a big deal that she looked, as she always does, impeccable on a rainy day heading to Texas?

We need to get over judging women on their looks or their fashion choices. However impractical the shoe choice, it was her choice and didn't warrant the attention. No man is subjected to such scrutiny and it's long past time that women be freed from such judgement. It is sexist nonsense and it is so if the criticism were to come from a woman or a man. 

Whether you like a woman or not, whether you'd wear what she chooses to wear or not, whether you agree with her opinions or not - doesn't matter one bit. She should be able to dress as she pleases and not be ridiculed. It's a matter of respect and common decency and recognizing and respecting another human being's individuality.

Let Melania, and any and every woman, wear stilettos or sneakers or short dresses or shorts or whatever they damn please. It's just fashion, which is supposed to be fun.  It's her choice. Practically or impractically dressed, let all women simply be.  

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Eimear Zone Founder PEBBLE + ROSE

Eimear Zone is an entrepreneur and co-founder of social enterprise, PEBBLE + ROSE. She writes on feminism, entrepreneurship, and mindset management. She can be contacted at eimearz@pebbleandrose.com and IG @emtczone


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