Is Feminism back in Fashion?


It would appear that with the recent political changes a sleeping giant may have awoken.
Feminism is back and it is, dare I say it, fashionable to be a feminist. Maria Grazia Chiuri, with her debut collection for Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week showed a t-shirt reading - 

We Should All Be Feminists

This is the title of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, adapted from her very popular Tedx talk of the same name. The Feminist Tee was the talk of Paris and quickly spotted on celebrities both sides of the Atlantic.

The notion that feminism was a bit of an outmoded concept, an issue for angry, man-hating women who couldn’t get a boyfriend, has been replaced with an altogether more modern and appropriate image. This feminism is inclusive, inter-sectional. The Women’s March on Washington, which organically spawned into a global event, had significant support from men. One of my favorite signs from the March, and there were many, was -

Men of Quality Support Equality

Feminism just makes good sense from a thinking man’s perspective. True equality of the sexes will release men from their restricted gender role allowing them to embrace and express a fuller identity. The toxicity of hypermasculinity is all too evident in society and it serves no positive purpose.

I see the catchphrase, The Future is Female, on feminist tees a lot. It makes me a little uncomfortable. Yes, it is definitely long past due that we be accustomed to seeing women occupy roles at every echelon of society and in numbers that reflect our percentage of the population. We are still hugely under-represented at the most influential levels. So how do we resolve this? In essence how do we sell equality?

Equality has been taking too long for far, far, far too long now.

Estimates for how long it will take to close the gender pay gap at the current rate of progress are depressing reading! And that’s just one element of equality. How can we speed this up? Well, I like to think of feminism/gender equality as a great big Happy Pill for society. Before you scoff at my childlike view of the issue, consider this; The most gender equal countries in the world, the Nordic countries for example, also rate as the happiest (UN World Happiness Report 2016). Coincidence? I don’t think so! But how do we get society to swallow this Happy Pill? Some people just won’t take the medicine even when they know it will make them feel better…

In any case, I’m optimistic about the prospects for Feminism. It is no longer just a girl thing and therein lies power. The more people who identify as feminist, the more people who see the benefits to a society that treats both sexes equally, the better all of our prospects become.

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